Core Business Services Overview

Multi Dwelling Unit Specialists
MDU installations and service is a specialty that requires the extensive experience and capabilities that Minkett brings to the table. 
Client Relationship
Preserving your good reputation with your clients is where Minkett Communications really shines. Our team works with yours. 
Strategic Planning
The key to any successful installation is in the planning. Every Minkett installation includes a time tested roll-out plan that will make the transition smooth and drama free.
Cutting Red Tape
At Minkett we are experienced with dealing with local inspectors and regulatory obstacles. We have the knowledge and expertise to quickly solve any problem before it starts.
Minkett offers several different package plans that can be opened up as basic service or sold individually as a source of additional profit.
Client Roll-Out
Minkett can coordinate the entire roll-out, or we can guide you through the process. Our team can hold your hand and work with you to keep your clients happy.